What is the meaning of my life?

“Another boring story about my boring life”

I believe that in your whole life, at least one time or even many times you ask yourself that “What is the meaning of my life?” or have you ever wonder that you are studying or working for what purpose. Sometimes, modern boring life makes people do not know what is the meaning of their life because we are surrounded by modern technologies, by fast living pace, by working, studying nonstop. Is it the meaning of life is that you are a good student then graduate and have a good job, then have a happy family, then have smart and cute children? You might think that a homeless man or a bad student does not have any meaning in their life. However, in my own opinion, which based on my experience of a 20-year-old girl who lives far away from parents when I was 18 years old, I believe that your dreams and families are the things that make your life meaningful which encourage you to work and study hard for your aims. Moreover, your life does not need to be meaningful all the times, some things might happen in your life and it, of course, will affect your life in good or bad ways and it will make your life become more meaningful, so one more thing which I consider to make my life full of meaning is being adventurous and keep your mind open to new experiences.

I was born in a wealthy family and I never experience any money trouble. I do not understand the value of the money, of food or even a clean bathroom. But with the main character in Sherman Alexie’s story What You Pawn I Will Redeem, a clean bathroom or amazing food with little money means a lot to him who is an “effective homeless man” (22).  So, of course, I cannot feel anything in my life that related to what Jackson Jackson experience at the end of those stories. Because when you are not in this situation, you cannot experience that kind of existential intensity that the character experienced. Everybody was born in a different situation, each of us has a different life so your life cannot be related to the character’s life. Maybe things that meaningful with Jackson Jackson is nothing with you “But we have dreams and families.” (35). At this point, I agree that dreams and families make our life meaningful, although not in the same ways.  When you have a goal in your life that you really want to achieve then you will find out that all things you do to get your goal are all meaningful.

I am just a normal girl who has parents are both high school teachers. From a very young age until now, I always try my best in my studying. When I was in Vietnam, I did not have to do anything such as housework, cooking or even I did not clean my bed in myself. Everything was done for me, everything prepared for me that I did not even need to care about. The only thing I had to do is study and study very very well. I was a monitor for 12 years, I always the best student in the class since first grade. Teachers love me, friends love me and my parents proud of me. I studied science when I was in high school and my class was specialized in physics. Sometimes, at that time, I did not know what I am studying for, I did not find the purpose of being a good student. When I found out that I love being appreciated from everybody and studying physics, which is a quite tough subject for a girl is the challenge that I set for myself to get it. Of course, these purposes might be stupid and meaningless, but at this time, these were my goals and that made me, try hard every single day to achieve what I want. What I want to say is that although your dreams are foolish or meaningless, it is not wrong of having a dream to be followed.

Another point in my time, which makes me think about my “meaningless” life is that when I was just graduating from high school and I had the scholarship to study abroad in Malaysia. At this time, I was an 18-year-old girl whose dad usually insisted on drinking milk before going to bed. Moreover, of course, I did not know how to cook or clean the floor. First time I lived far away from my parents, I felt lost for a while because I missed how I was treated as a princess at home compared with living alone, life was a disaster. That is why I could not find out how being a good student can help me in my life. Then I accepted that at one point in my life, I have to live by myself and I have to take care of myself. By acceptance situation, I feel my life become more interesting and less stressful than thinking too much about what is the meaning of every single thing that I do.

You might think that being a good student so my student life was so boring, just study and study all days and times. Actually, this stereotype is not right in my situation. I studied a lot, but I also played a lot. I joined every event with my class and me also a leader of many naughty things that all of my classmates were punished because of joining. I had a memorable student life because I always want to experience new things and I do not afraid of anything. These things make my student life become more meaningful and memorable instead of the knowledge and good marks that I got. Do you think that Jackson Jackson can experience the existential intensity if he did not accept the challenge that the pawnbroker gave to him? By accepting to challenge and try his best to finish it bring him to his most meaningful moment of his life. Your life cannot be memorable or you cannot experience meaningful moments, if you just can keep your life as normal as usual, nothing special and you also do not want to change or try new things in your life. Your life can be happy, but boring. Life is just like a movie. If a movie does not have any rising actions so this movie also does not have a climax. I am sure that you do not want to watch a movie that has no intense, exciting, or important point. So your life would be so boring if your life has no climax.  Because life is a long movie so you can have a lot of rising action, a lot of climaxes, you will have a long time to experience new things. These things might not be meaningful in your whole life, but these might be meaningful at this point in your life.

Somebody ask me why I choose to study abroad instead of staying in Vietnam and study to become a teacher like my parents. I think because I am an adventurous person who always wants to challenge myself with a different mission and I cannot accept a normal boring life. I believe that every choice for my life is making myself becoming a better person. As I said earlier before, I did not know how to do housework as well as I used to do not really care about the value of money because I have never faced the problems of privation anything. My parents give me anything that I want and I need. When I study abroad, I know how to live by myself. Although I do not need to have a part time job or worry about money, last winter holiday, in order to spend my free time, so, I decided to have a part time job at a Vietnamese restaurant. Working as a server, of course, is not that easy for a “princess” like me who always served by someone when I was at home. Not only I have to carry two huge bowls of hot soup noodles (I have to mention that one bowl is equal to two of my faces) but I also have to communicate and serve many different types of people. Not only I have to supply the limes, basils or cucumbers, but I also have to clean the washroom and the tables. About few first weeks, I felt so stressful and tired, but then I think that I am not that type of person who easily gives up like this so I tried every single day and luckily, my boss has not fired me yet and I am still working now. I find my happiness in my workplace, although I do not really like this job, this is my first job in my life and this brings me a lot of things: new experiences, new friends, and money also. I am not working for money, I am working for my happiness and I am working to improve myself every day. By this new experience, I know how to do many things and I understand the value of money. The job is not really meant for me now, but it is really an important point of my life, so it means in my life. And I know at this point, I grow a little bit in my thinking and in my personality.

This is one motivate slogan which I think is all the things I need to make my life meaningful: “Dare to dream and dare to do”. If you want to have a meaningful life, you have to dream and you have to try different things. Like Thomas Edition try so many things to find the perfect material for his light bulb, you can try and then you find out this is not right and you can try again until you successfully get your dream. All the experiences, good or bad do not matter, the only things matter is that after every experience, you will have a new lesson for yourself and that is how you learn to grow up. Time goes fast so do not waste it to think about why nothing in my life is meaningful because everything in your life is meaningful, of course not in the same way and maybe now you cannot recognize it but it is still filled your life with meaning.


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