When the champion falls down

This morning, Barcelona has become the present champion of Champions League by the last match with Alectico Madrid. The curse of Champions League happens again. Throughout  the history, no football teams can protect their championship in 2 years in successive. And now, our last year’s championship – Barcelona, has been kicked off by the same country team – Alectico Madrid, which also places the second place in La Liga rank.

Barca arrived in Spain’s capital with a 2-1 advantage from the first leg, but poor defending allowed the unmarked Griezmann to power home Saul’s cross. Saul headed against the bar as Barca toiled before Griezmann scored a late penalty after Andres Iniesta handled. Barca were denied a penalty when Gabi handled just inside the area.

The defeat ended Luis Enrique’s hopes of securing a La Liga, Champions League and Copa del Rey treble while Atletico joins Bayern Munich, Manchester City and Real Madrid in Friday’s semi-final draw.

Barcelona is considered to be the best football team in the world right now who just has 35th match unbeaten and the best attacking team: Messi, Suárez and Neymar. However, they are going in to their worst point in their achievement. They have now lost three of the last four games in all competitions. In addition, Lionel Messi failed to score for the fifth game in a row for his club, and Neymar and Luis Suarez were frustrated by an excellent home defending.

Lionel Messi hasn’t played the best version of him in the last four games and this time is considered to be the Papers point in his career. Moreover, he is passing the most difficult time in his life after facing the Panama Papers for his alleged involvement in setting up a shell corporation amid an ongoing tax-evasion court case in Spain that could put him in prison for 22 months. This may be the reason which affected his manner these days.

So the question is: “What was wrong with Messi and Barca?”. Because of the Champions League curse or because the referee Nicola Rizzoli? Nothing. Just because people is demanding too much from them. In a comfortable life, people often tend to require more and are never satisfied. They forget that this world does not have anything to ease. Over the years, Messi has always provided the party with a full football extensive menu, sometimes can not imagine. Therefore, all of the default that the Argentine star to move up the food each week and be obliged to make them happy. He is not allowed to stop, let alone rest. Messi had the last five games not scoring, and then a lot of criticism towards him. “What is happening with Messi?” Then “Why Messi not scoring?” And even “Messi crisis?”. Unfortunately, time La Pulga quiet happens at the same time with Barca’s downfall. And so, he continued to be subject to blame. However, critics also forget that what is happening is a nightmare and it can happen to anyone.

Please remember that, Messi is just a human. A month ago, Messi has scored goals and Barca has been flying high. It was around the time he participated in 13 goals in 6 games, a remarkable achievement. Meanwhile, he was surrounded by a lot of charming compliments.

How did all disappeared into nothing so quickly? It’s hard to explain why Messi suffered drought of 452 minutes? Why Barca to collapse even without any previous signs? And why, right at this difficult time, people like Suarez and Neymar cannot step up and take the responsibility.

What was wrong with Messi and Barca? They still play like that for years and win, why not this time? Because the curse Atletico Champions League or ghosts? For the unlucky, or because the referee Nicola Rizzoli?

Maybe not because of these reasons at all. Simply, Barca is a team like so many other teams and Messi is not a man who comes from another planet, as ostentatious praise when they dominated the peak. Therefore, Messi will be silent at some point,  and Barcelona can not win every single game. A stop of Barca Champions proves that the Champion League is a difficult tournament, where the team cannot successfully defend the championship, Manchester City in the semi-finals for the first time after 5 attempts and Real coronation only 1 times 14 years. Messi stops to score the goal show that he opened fire continuously throughout the years is a feat. Anyway, a team clinches eat 2 times a player 3 and 5 Ballon d’or ownership is not necessarily trying to prove too much greatness. With Messi, never doubt the ability, even when he was in a quiet state.

Franz Beckenbauer said “It is not the strong one that wins, the one that wins is strong”. Atletico has excellent game, they deserve this result. However, whatever the result was, the season is not over yet there are target, there are trophies that we win cards, so quickly that we forget this pain and move on. I write this not to defend something just like to say one sentence that “This is football and to build the world history is not that easy. Let now stand up after falling and then face to challenge again “.

Rạng sáng nay, Barcelona chính thức trở thành cựu vương Champion League sau trận thua 2-0 tại sân nhà Alectico Madrid. Và điều đó dẫn đến quyết định sai lầm của mình là viết bài này cho bài feature story new sáng nay. Sai lầm ở chỗ là muốn viết các câu như cựu vương, đương kim vô địch hay sa sút phong độ thì chả tìm được từ để diễn tả. Đúng ra là có thể chọn cái gì đấy dễ hơn nhưng trận thua nó cứ stuck mãi trong đầu, không thể gạt qua một bên, nói chung quy tóm lại là buồn. Nhưng không sao, với mình các anh vẫn mãi là những nhà vô địch.



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